Gimme New Fucking Heroes
Sick of weak political posters that don't communicate your feelings?
Download these, print out 11x17's and wheat paste your entire town.

 George W. Bush       Marilyn Musgrave       Karl Rove

Files are 2mb PDF's.
3. Stormtroopers in Drag
Matmos, Michele Tea, Juliana Francis.
TJ DESC, Arnold J. Kemp, Emile Turner.
2. Sleaze Art
Bruce Benderson, Kevin Killian, Claudia Gonson, Mike Albo
Michele X, Jennifer Blauvet, Brian Bauman, Drub, Jenny Drumgoole
1. Voice Out
Dodie Bellamy, Philllip Guichard, J.D. Samson, Justin Bond
Brian Bauman, Jethro Nededog, Liz Tenenbaum, Christopher Allegra